This company aims at adding value to global organizations by breaking cultural and language barriers through expertise and solutions delivery. With proven success in its field, this company provides world-class service by building strong business relationships. The team believes in setting the standard for service and also “Makes it happen!”

The team works closely with the client organization to identify and understand the future goals of the client and in the process develops the most effective strategy and implements the best solutions. This technique delivers best practices to high impact results every time. The company boasts of staying focused regardless of the distance of the client from the organization.

Areas of expertise

  • Business Change
  • Business & IT Architecture
  • Business Process & Change Management
  • IT Process & Service Management
  • Project Management
  • IT Strategy
  • Business & Technology Optimization
  • Cloud Advisory Services

Talent Management

Clients approach this company to maintain their internal operations or for Specific consulting on a project basis. The IT contract service model is followed by this company to deliver these services. Distance never matters. Be it a global client or near-by a firm, the company is always ready to consult as they strive to “Make it happen!”

Core Services

Contract Staffing

This company helps their clients to execute their businesses better and faster with cost-savings. The team provides a full range of workforce solutions and service delivery models. This is done to interact with people, skills, and competencies required to “Make it happen!”

Talent Acquisition

The company hires experienced IT professionals who deliver as per the requirements of the client organization. Skilled teams of recruiters see through the recruitment process.

Outsourced Services

Vendor Managed Services, Talent Acquisition Outsourced Services (TAOS)

Application Outsourcing

The Application Outsourcing team builds client applications including web-based software, integrating legacy systems, portals, and middleware. The team equips the clients with necessary technical expertise by integrating the industry’s best practices for business processes and organizational change. The whole process is executed keeping in mind that the client’s business goals don’t deviate from the application capabilities. The service-based contracts define the support and performance parameters. This leads to consistent service levels at fixed and predictable costs. The team offers helps in many a domain including building software, web-based applications, databases, and mobile applications, Social Media Consulting and/or Digital Media Integration.

  • Application Architecture
  • Data Governance Quality
  • Mobility
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Warehousing
  • QA & Software Testing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Analytics & Reporting
  • System Design
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Web/e-Commerce
  • Cloud Computing
  • Information Architecture
  • Integration Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Information Management
  • Middleware Development

Solutions (Big Data, Analytics, and Data Science)

U.S. Public Sector government agencies are increasingly faced with new challenges to provide new citizen services, decrease time to decision and achieve faster mission success. To address these needs and new requirements, many government agencies have begun the journey of digital transformation with new focus on data as an asset.

Government’s experience with big data and analytics is just beginning. The most commonly used definition of big data describes it as high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information that requires new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision-making, insight discovery and process optimization. These factors are driving agencies to rethink traditional data storage strategies and create intelligent, ‘data lakes’ to effectively manage ingest and use of dynamic and emerging types, sizes and volumes of data.

Big data analytics can involve vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, which helps government leaders use sophisticated data science techniques and machine learning algorithms to drive decision-making. These algorithms in conjunction with purpose-built advanced analytics can predict behavior (predictive analytics); analyze program integrity to identify problems, such as fraud and abuse; or evaluate policy changes before they are implemented. When combined, big data, analytics and data science represent, disruptive, modern and strategic capabilities for discovering new patterns and correlations in data to create a new outcomes. Ultimately, it’s about leveraging analytics to make data actionable and to create new outcomes.

Visual Data Integration and Powerful Predictive Analytics for Big Data

Use Data Discovery and Visualization to Innovate New Business Mode is and Services

  • Explore unstructured data - social media, machine data exhaust, electronic fillings, XML, collection initiatives
  • Use automated algorithms and machine learning to support and augment "human decision- making"
  • Improve agency mission goals and innovate new business models, including cloud-based offerings with access to predictive capabilities

Easily create government dashboards to track and share metrics such as

  • Budget and grant allocations
  • Demographics and statistics
  • Crime data
  • Parks and recreation passes
  • Community outreach and educational initiatives
  • Project performance

Government Use Cases

  • Citizen and Employee Engagement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Public Safety & Services
  • Cyber Threat Management

Government & Public Sector Applications

OctaqonTeq helps government and public sector organizations take advantage of their extensive data sources to achieve new operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Data analysis in this sector faces unique challenges: budget constraints, disparate information environments, and the transition from historically manual processes to automated tools.

OctaqonTeq visualization tools address these challenges, enabling public sector organizations to improve the speed and quality of their data analysis: Public Utilities; Operations and Logistics; Planning; Mobility and Public Transit Analysis; Air Traffic Analysis; General Data Analytics.

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